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Welcome to Art of Dreams by Maria!


My name is Maria Nässlander, born 1980 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Painting constitutes a large part of my life!

I mostly work with several layers of paint. I may start using green and ending up with red. I work a great deal with light and depth and strive towards harmony and balance. My aim is for every viewer to create his/her image of what the painting shows and the thoughts and feelings it generates.


I have been painting as long as I can remember. My father is a painter and when I was as young as six months he put a paintbrush in my hand.


Around the age of 19, my interest in painting really got going. I started using water-colours and was very precise and meticulous. My first exhibition was in 2002 and the next one in 2003 where I, incidently, met my husband-to-be, Ola!


 A couple of years later, around 2005, I felt I wanted to develop my painting skills and changed from water-colours to acrylic paint, and the water-colour canvas to cotton canvas. I really let myself go and began expressing myself much more freely in my work.


This was a huge turning-point in my life. I found new ways of creating art, I got more confident and let the thoughts, imaginations and the inspiration flow freely, and, maybe most importantly, I dared to paint without having a pre-destined goal. Instead, through many layers of paint and a lot of water I saw the subject emerge.


My third exhibition took place in March 2009.


In the summer of 2009, I went to Kristianstad (a town in southern Sweden) to attend a course in free painting, held by Linda S Levin. The aim was to find a flow in one´s creative work and to get rid of all obstacles.


What an experience! Another turning-point in my life and in my work. The course opened new doors and I learnt to “let the painting lead the way” – not to use force but instead let the picture emerge and ”refine it”. Thanks to this course I experienced an incredible improvement.


In 2011 I had my fourth exhibition.


I put my heart and soul into my art. Every painting means something special to me and I spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort in executing the orders I get.



I have also gotten the opportunity to create art for public places, as the housing co-operative where I live asked me to transform a dull concrete cylinder into a beautiful piece of art. It was truly great fun and so exciting, and the result was very much appreciated.


I hope you will like what you see on my page and maybe you will find something suitable for your home. Or maybe order something CustomMade!





Contact: Maria Nässlander +46  (0)702 8118333

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