Maria Nässlander

+46  (0)702 811833


If I want to buy a picture

1.Call me or send an e-mail.

2.I receive the order. When ordering a CustomMade painting, or a painting with a name, a down-payment of 20% is required.

3.I will inform you of the freight charge, time of delivery and we will make an agreement on payment and means of delivery. Either cash when collecting the picture, payment into my bank account or COD (cash on delivery).

4.You can also rent a picture.

5.The Consumer Purchases Act and the PUL (the Personal Data Act) are applied.

6.I will keep certain personal data such as e.g. name, e-mail address and phone number.

Contact: Maria Nässlander +46  (0)702 8118333

Last updated 2017-05-09